Destructible Vinyl - Matte White - Dot Matrix 7885


3M 7885

2.2 mil matte topcoated destructible white vinyl facestock with 0.8 mil acrylic adhesive 200 on a 55 lb densified kraft liner

3M™ Label Material 7885 matte white computer imprintable destructible vinyl product with 3M™ Adhesive 200 meets the requirements of permanent marking applications on metals, high surface energy plastics and a variety of paints. The matte surface increases ink adhesion and print durability. It accepts imprinting of variable information using impact dot matrix printers, typewriters, ballpoint pens, pencils and grease pens.

Liner 1: 3.2 mil 50# Densified Kraft Adhesive 1: 0.8 mil 200 Facestock/Liner: 2.2 mil Matte White Destructible Vinyl TC

We slit in rolls or die-cut to your exact specifications.


  • Fragile vinyl is ideal for tamper indicating applications.
  • Matte topcoat resists degradation from scuffing, chemicals and moisture.
  • Receptive to dot matrix printing and hand writeable.
  • Firm adhesive resists oozing and provides excellent adhesion to high surface energy plastics and metals.
  • UL recognized and CSA accepted.

Typical Applications: 

  • Computer terminals or printers tied to a central processing computer
  • Self-contained memory printer units
  • Computer printed trailer rating plates
  • Tamper-proof labels for glass vials
  • Labeling of sports, lawn and garden equipment

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