3M™ Repulpable Flatback Tape Single Coated Tape R3127TC


3M R3127TC

3M™ Repulpable Tape R3127 is a single-sided paper tape coated with a patented, high tack transparent repulpable adhesive on one side and an easy release coating on the backside for smooth unwind.

We slit in rolls or die-cut to your exact specifications.


  • R3127 flatback paper - Good backing strength for all your general purpose taping - 3M performance and an economical price
  • Backings contains an easy-release coating - Easy unwind handling - Quick and easy roll closing or temporary butt splices
  • Excellent tape repulpability - Disperses in the hydropulper - Limits contamination by non-repulpable materials
  • Sealed plastic bags - Assures product stability - Consistent performance

Typical Applications: 

  • Core starting.
  • Roll closing.
  • Butt splicing many paper and cellulosic materials (temporary).
  • Threading off-machine coater.
  • Paper roll edge reinforcement.

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