3M™ Gripping Material


3M Gripping Material

3M™ Gripping Material Family (GM400, GM614, GM631, GM641, GM731, GM110, GM613, GM630, GM731)

3M™ Gripping Material is an innovative new product that offers a lightweight performance grip solution. Slit into rolls or die cut into ideal size and shape the 3M™ micro replicated gripping surface offers slip resistant vibration dampening technology that can enhance grip strength and reduce slippage in wet or oily conditions.

3M™ patented micro replication technology - adds thousands of thermoplastic elastomer micro gripping fingers on one side of a flexible backing, either nylon knit carrier for flexible sewing needs or polyester with an adhesive backing.

We slit rolls to any size, laminate, laser-cut or die-cut with pull tabs to your exact specifications


  • Ultra soft, very soft, soft and firm surfaces for varied situations
  • Black, grey, off-white and clear colors
  • Clear can be reverse printed for logos, watermarks etc.

Typical Applications: 

  • Adhesive-backed version sticks on contact to most materials as quickly and easily as tape
  • Plain-backed version can be sewn to fabric and leather
  • Ready-to-use molded grips can be slipped over handles and shafts

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