3M™ Weather Resistant Film Tape 838


3M 838

3M™ Weather Resistant Film Tape 838 White, 3.4 mil (0.09 mm) tape with an acrylic adhesive and Tedlar® PVF backing. 3M™ Weather Resistant Film Tape 838, 3.4 mil (0.09 mm) used for sealing the seams of outdoor building panels, windows and doors as well as similar severe exposure applications, hinge seal on shower doors.

Protecitve Tapes for indoor or outdoor applications.


  • Building and Construction, Aerospace, Signage, Military, Window and Door
  • Seam sealing
  • Strong, flexible, excellent resistance to weathering, qualified to meet MIL-T-22085, F.A.R. 25.853(a)
  • White, 2.1 mil Tedlar® backing

Typical Applications: 

  • Sealing, wrapping, protecting

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