Polyester - Gloss Clear 7731FL


3M 7731FL

Gloss clear, 2.0 mil polyester facestock with 0.8 mil 400 high-tack acrylic adhesive on 1.5 mil polyester liner. Film liner offers excellent graphic appearance. Ideal for metalized or dark colors.

Liner 1: 1.5 mil Polyester Film Adhesive 1: 0.8 mil 400 Facestock/Liner: 2.0 mil Clear Polyester NTC

We slit in rolls or die-cut to your exact specifications.


  • These polyester overlaminates are superior abrasion, humidity and solvent resistance materials that offer high-bond strength to resist edge lifting UV exposure resistant for extended periods of time.
  • 3M polyester overlaminating films 7730FL, 7731FL, 7732FL and 7743FL film liner versions offer superior graphic appearance for metallized or darker colors. The polyester liner is recommended for clean room applications.
  • UL recognized (File MH11410) for overlamination polyester labelstocks.
  • CSA Accepted (File 99316) for overlamination of both polyester and vinyl labelstocks.

Typical Applications: 

  • Protective overlaminate for label and nameplate graphics can be used on appliances, industrial equipment, tools etc.
  • Graphics requiring a high-gloss or matte appearance.

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