3M™ PTFE Extruded FilmTape 5490


3M 5490

3M™ PTFE Extruded Film Tape 5490 Gray, PTFE extruded film with silicone adhesive 3M™ PTFE Extruded Film Tape 5490, PTFE extruded film with silicone adhesive, provides an exceptionally slick surface when applied and resists curling during unwind. Chemical resistant surface for sealing and masking.

PTFE Extruded Film Tapes have a film backing with a silicone adhesive. Self-lubricating with low co-efficient of friction to help improve web processing. Used in printing, aerospace, automotive and MRO (maintenance and repair) markets. Anti-stick for easy cleanup of hot plastic. Chemical-resistant barrier.


  • Extruded, calendered film tapes that resist curling during unwind and provide an exceptionally smooth surface when applied.
  • Extruded PTFE film tapes lie flatter than typical skived PTFE film tapes.
  • Thicker backing helps extend the service life, compared to thinner versions, when subjected to abrasion or wear.
  • Provides excellent chemical resistance except to organic solvents. Note: The silicone adhesive will be attacked by commercial organic solvents and is not recommended for applications requiring organic resistance.

Typical Applications: 

  • Low coefficient of friction surface on rollers, formers, etc. to facilitate web movement.
  • Wrapping rubber nip rollers on hot polyethylene extrusion machines.
  • Chemical resistant surface for sealing and masking.
  • Easy-release surface on rollers, plates, belts, etc. where build-up of sticky materials and inks can occur.

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