3M™ Clean Low Outgassing Tape 502FL


3M 502FL

Ultra clean 290 adhesive with polyester film liner. High temperature and solvent resistance, high HSE and low LSE. Use for low odor and very low outgassing applications, and to seal hard disc drives. For rough surfaces. 2 mil with 2 mil liner.

Very low outgassing and ionics levels, engineered for the very demanding cleanliness requirements of the hard disk drive industry. Sample contains 5 sheets of 502 FL, data sheet and MSDS.

We slit in rolls or die-cut to your exact specifications.


  • .002 in. thick adhesive
  • Plastic core
  • 2 mil PET, DS silicone liner
  • .002 in. thick adhesive for rough surfaces
  • Pressure used for lamination and application to a substrate
  • Acrylic polymer provides excellent adhesion to many substrates
  • Low outgassing and ionics

Typical Applications: 

  • 3M™ Ultra-clean Laminating Adhesives are ideal for applications that need lower outgassing and ionics levels compared to current generation laminating adhesives.
  • 3M ultra-clean laminating adhesives have improved room temperature and high temperature shear performance for improved label and seal holding strength.
  • 3M ultra-clean laminating adhesives have low odor and low outgassing of volatile components which can cause fogging or condensation on vehicle windows.
  • 3M™ Ultra-clean Laminating Adhesives 501FL and 502F laminate easily to many substrates, and the film liner offers moisture resistance and improved die-cutability and web control.
  • 3M ultra-clean adhesives 501FL and 502FL have an acrylic chemistry that offers good thermal stability over moderate temperatures and short high temperature excursions when combined with a backing layer.
  • Market application areas include: Automotive, Aerospace, Electrical Mechanical and General Industry.

Data Sheets & Summary Sheets