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Single Coated

Fabrico offers single coated tapes that are available in custom and standard widths with a variety of backing materials and adhesives.

Single coated tapes are offered with and without liners and are typically coated with rubber, acrylic or silicone adhesives.  Fabrico slits and die cuts paper, film, foil, and specialty tapes for a wide variety of applications across many markets.  We have standard size rolls in stock or can custom slit these tapes to the most exacting tolerances.  We also offer tapes from a variety world-class vendors, so we can provide the exact product to meet the needs of your most demanding application.

Contact Fabrico to find out more about our complete line of single coated tape products.

  • 3M 1 

    • 3M Epoxy Film Electrical Tape 1 is UL 510 flame-retardant, temperature rated to 266° F (130° C), and is printable.
  • 3M 1205 

    • 3M 1205 tape is amber with a 1 mil polyimide film backing with an acrylic adhesive system for exceptional heat and solvent resistance, and may be applied at very low temperatures.
    • 1205 tape can be imprinted.
  • 3M 1218 

    • 1 mil polyimide backing
    • Acrylic adhesive
  • 3M 1318-1 

    • UL Recognized Class 130°C
    • Excellent Flagging Resistance
    • Printable
    • Solvent resistant without thermosetting
    • Excellent Shelf Life
  • 3M 235 

    • Black opaque paper tape, 5.0 mil backing
    • Low gloss backing, conformable, firm adhesive
    • Low reflectivity
  • 3M 253 

    • Special silicone adhesive that exhibits excellent “web-grab” and peel adhesion to many silicone treated materials.
    • Silicone-coated backing enables the splice to be functional.
    • Materials will release from the tape backing as easily as from the material itself.
  • 3M 2552 

    • Absorbs and dissipates vibration, reduces noise, reduces metal fatigue, resists flame, resists moisture, resists weather, resists UV degradation
    • Premium damping tape, 10.0 mil backing, 5.0 mil ISD 112 acrylic viscoelastic
  • 3M 3311 

    • UL 723 rated for flame and smoke characteristics.
    • Can be used under all weather conditions.
    • Matches aluminum foil-faced duct systems and insulation.
    • Designed for maximum adhesion over clean, dry surfaces. For best results, always use an application squeegee.
    • Resists water vapor, odor and smoke transmission.
    • Extremely conformable backing.
    • Can be used over a wide temperature range.
    • Acts as a vapor barrier to insure the integrity of the insulation system.
  • 3M 3338 

    • Resist flame, moisture, weather, dirt, UV degradation, and most chemicals
    • Thermally conductive for heating and cooling efficiency
    • Reflect heat and light