3M™ Double Coated Tape 99786NP


3M 99786NP

Thin nonwoven carrier for dimensional stability and improved handling. Adheres to a wide variety of substrates including plastics and foams. Temperature resistance of up to 300 degrees F.

5.5 mils of 300MP adhesive, 4.2 mil Tan 58 lb polycoated kraft paper liner. Nonwoven carrier for dimensional stability and improved handling.

Aggressive rubber adhesive with high initial adhesion. Used for general purpose joining, mounting and splicing. Quick and easy tacking of carpet edges. Hand tearable.

Liner 1: 4.2 mil 58# Polycoated Kraft (unprinted liner) Adhesive 1: 2.8 mil 300MP Carrier: Nonwoven Adhesive 2: 2.7 mil 300MP

We slit in rolls or die-cut to your exact specifications.


  • Excellent adhesion to open cell foams.
  • Consistent adhesive performance to many plastics.
  • Polycoated liner for ease of handling.

Typical Applications: 

  • Foam lamination
  • Gasket attachment
  • Insulator attachment
  • General attachment
  • Nameplate attachment

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