3M™ Double Coated Tape 9817


3M 9817H

3M™ Double Coated Tape 9817H is a 1.4 mil acrylic adhesive .5 mil polyester film carrier 1.4 mils rubber adhesive 3M™ General Purpose Double-Coated Tapes 9816 and 9817 provide a balance of peel and shear properties with good heat resistance. Immediate bond utilizing only normal nip pressure when laminated to most open cell urethane and closed cell urethane foams.

Rubber Acrylic adhesive double coated tape Application ideas include attaching hooks, wire clips and racks; mounting retail shelf price channels; mounting pen holds and window glazing.


  • Extremely high-bond strength to most surfaces
  • Excellent versatility for lamination to foam material
  • Excellent dimensional stability with polyester carrier
  • Densified Kraft liner for rotary die-cutting
  • Good rotary die-cutting characteristics from the super calendared kraft liner
  • Use where high heat or UV resistance is not required

Typical Applications: 

  • General purpose foam or rubber laminating (60 in.)
  • General purpose lamination of fabricated parts

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