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Double Coated

Fabrico provides double coated tapes for a variety of bonding, attaching and laminating applications.

Fabrico’s double coated tape lines are available in a wide variety of tack strengths and release values.  These products are provided with liner on both sides and allow for the user to bond both high and low surface energy materials.  Fabrico can provide these tapes in roll form or as die cut parts.  We are also able to design custom laminates that utilize double coated materials in the product construction.  Several of the products are provided with different adhesives coated on either side or different types of adhesive to meet the most difficult application requirement.

Contact Fabrico to learn more about double coated tapes and how we can utilize them in your next application.

  • 3M 401M 

    • 9 mil tape for temporary attaching or fixturing. High initial bond strength.
    • Natural rubber double coated tape with heavy paper carrier for increased strength and dimensional stability.
    • Offers good initial adhesion to a variety of surfaces. For indoor and room temperature applications.
  • 3M 444 

    • Aggressively bonds to many surfaces, including plastics like polyethylenes
    • Medium temperature and low solvent resistance
    • Quick flowing adhesive with excellent initial adhesion speeds lamination process
  • 3M 444PC 

    • 3M™ Double Coated Tape 444PC is provided on a polycoated kraft liner that provides moisture stability for large part converting.
    • 3M™ Adhesive 300 is a medium-firm acrylic adhesive system featuring both high initial adhesion and good high temperature holding power.
  • 3M 4658F 

    • Bonds stainless trim to metal frames
    • Clean removal
    • Clear
  • 3M 4714 

    • Conformable
    • Offers a moisture and dust seal
    • UV and solvent resistance
  • 3M 55334 

    • 3M™ Double Coated Tape 55334
  • 3M 6657-150 

    3M™ Double Coated Stretch Release Tape 6657-150
    • Strong adhesion power on various substrates
    • Easy handling with quick-peel liner
    • Great peel strength
    • No tape breakage and clean removal during stretch release
    • Easy die-cut and lamination
    • High shock absorb ability and drop resistance
  • 3M 7945MP 

    • 5 mil Double Linered Membrane Switch Spacer with 200MP adhesive. 58 lb lay-flat polycoated kraft paper liners on each side. Both liners are printed.
    • Excellent moisture and solvent resistance. High temperature resistance. High shear strength accommodates the stresses of repeated actuation. UV resistant. Easily die-cutable.
    • Ideal for circuit separation in switches until actuation. Easy to die-cut and process. Use for steel rule die-cutting.
    • Interfacing between human and equipment, key pad entering, data entering, switching, spacing, spacer, advertising, pressing
  • 3M 8171OCA 

    • 3M™ Optically Clear Laminating Adhesive - Double Linered 8171OCA