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Fabrico supplies adhesive tapes to support a variety of manufacturing processes, both for bonding and joining, and to mark certain areas for painting and varnishing. Tapes are also used as integral components of certain electrical systems, such as motors and transformers.

In choosing the correct tape for a given application, Fabrico engineers consider such factors as the prevailing temperature of the manufacturing process, the required tackiness, and protecting the end product from adhesive residue. A wide variety of tapes are available, including electrical tape, vibration dampening tape, and die cut foam tape. Final product assembly may include such materials as film, paper, and copper foil.
Tapes used by Fabrico include:

• 3M: electrical, industrial, single- and double-coated, conductive foil, custom slit
• Adchem: adhesive transfer, medical, glazing
• Adhesives Research: pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, industrial, solar, medical
• Chomerics: EMI and thermal management
• Covalence: splicing/laminating, OEM medical
• Flexcon: pressure-sensitive, adhesive coated
• Intertape Polymer Group: electrical insulation, packaging, masking
• MacTac: transfer adhesives, medical, industrial
• Nitto Denko Permacel: conductive foil, electrical insulation, masking,
packaging, plating, shielding, thermal transfer adhesive, glass cloth
• PPI: electrical insulation, special constructions
• Saint-Gobain: foam bonding, pressure-sensitive
• Tesa: double-coated, foil, masking, packaging
• Tyco: cloth, duct, film, foil, paper
• Von Roll: thermal transfer, mica

For more information on our materials options, please download our Materials Sheet.

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Single Coated 

Fabrico offers single coated tapes that are available in custom and standard widths with a variety of backing materials and adhesives.

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Double Coated 

Fabrico provides double coated tapes for a variety of bonding, attaching and laminating applications.

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Adhesive Transfer Tapes are rolls of pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to adhere to many different substrates. For application, the tape is simply pressed, adhesive side down, to a surface and the liner is peeled off.

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Fabrico is a supplier and converter of the entire range of 3M™ VHB™ acrylic foam tapes. VHB tape can replace mechanical fasteners in many applications.

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Specialty Tapes 

Fabrico offers many specialty tapes for a wide variety of applications. From repulpable tapes to cling films, Fabrico has the specialty tape to meet your application needs.

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