3M Glossy Low Reflection Removable Display Protection Film


3M GLR310

This Protection Film is an optically clear removable film with a low reflection coating and residue-free adhesive that enhances the viewing experience of electronic display users. It improves contrast in ambient light conditions while offering highly durable protection and a Scotchgardâ„¢ Easy To Clean surface.

Fabrico supplies this product in any shape, size, die-cut or laser cut pieces pieces for electronic device manufactures including hand held displays, kiosks, touch screens and more.


  • 3M GLR310 has a 4 mil protective film layer consisting of polyester (PET) film coated with a scratch resistant high index hard coat and low-reflection low index low surface energy easy clean coating.
  • The backside contains a 1 mil low-tack adhesive protected by a PET release liner.

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