3M™ UHMW Film Tape 5421


3M 5421

3M™ UHMW Polyethylene Tape 5421 Transparent, UHMW polyethylene film with rubber adhesive. 3M™ UHMW Polyethylene Tape 5421 helps protect plastic and metal chutes, guide rails and containers from wear. Low coefficient of friction combined with abrasion resistance make this tape an effective solution for many noise and vibration problems.

UHMWPE, an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene film tape with an rubber adhesive, having low coefficient of friction. UHMWPE, Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) Provides an excellent abrasion resistant surface having a low coefficient of friction. NOTE: All UHMW products come on a paper liner for die cut applications.


  • Durable abrasion resistant backing, long wear life, die-cuttable, low coefficient of friction, self lubricating
  • Reduces friction, anti-stick, easy release, sound management, squeak and rattle prevention, noise reduction, chemical resistance, chemical barrier, high strength, abrasion resistance
  • Translucent, 5.0 mil UHMW polyethylene backing, rubber adhesive, paper liner, temperature use range -30F to 225F

Typical Applications: 

  • Automotive, Aerospace, Appliance, Military, Government, Defense, Marine, Metal Finishing, Electronics, Recreational Vehicle, General Industrial
  • Roller wrapping, wire harnessing, squeak reduction, noise reduction, insulating, lining, shielding, protecting, composite bonding, flash breaking

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