3M™ Polyethylene Protective Tape 5112C


3M 5112C

A 5 mil low-tack protective tape with a polyethylene backing. Made in USA. Provides temporary protection of many high gloss surfaces. Non-UV applications requiring good clarity, low elongation, and good abrasion resistance.

3M™ Polyethylene Protective Tape 5112 has a low-tack adhesive system to help provide temporary protection in general industrial applications for many polished metals, plastics, glass materials and for many material surfaces that are susceptible to damage caused by abrasion and marring. Since the film may contain small scratches, gels and wrinkles and a slight amount of haziness or visible adhesive coating pattern may be present, it is not recommended for some plastic lens, or similar applications which do not allow such visual imperfections.


  • Transparent backing allows visual inspection without tape removal to help reduce reworks.

Typical Applications: 

  • Metals – 430 bright annealed stainless steel and anodized bright specular aluminum.
  • Architectural Panels and Garage Doors – smooth and painted-gloss.
  • General – automotive parts, paint mutilization, tail lights, lens covers and window glass.

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