3M™ Protective Carpet Tape 2E93C/EZ


3M 2E93C/EZ

An easy unwind protective carpet tape made from a co-extruded multi-polymer backing coated with a very high-tack acrylic adhesive. Designed to provide EZ unwind during installation for temporary protection of carpet and fabric interiors.

Caliper (mils): 2.0 mil Liner 1: Co-extruded PE (Carpet Tape Only) Adhesive 1: Very High Carrier: Clear

We slit in rolls or die-cut to your exact specifications.


  • The high-tack adhesive unwinds easily, lies flat, and creates a secure, non-slip bond.
  • Recommended for temporary protection of carpet and fabric made from synthetic fibers. For use on natural or wool fibers, user should determine if suitable for specific application.
  • Not intended for use on wet or damp surfaces including surfaces recently installed with wet adhesive.
  • When used for heavy traffic conditions, remove tape after one week; for moderate traffic remove after two weeks and for light traffic remove after three weeks.
  • For critical information on application guidelines, please refer to 3M™ EZ Unwind Protective Carpet Tape flyer (70-0709-5131-7).

Typical Applications: 

  • Industrial, Commercial and Residential Buildings – for non-treated carpets use 3M tape 2E93-EZ; for treated carpets use 3M tape 2E95-EZ.
  • Automotive – for treated carpeted interiors and fabric seats use 3M tape 2E95-EZ; for headliners use 3M tape 2E93-EZ.

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