Scotch® Labelgard™ Film Tape 821


3M 821

Scotch® Label Protection Tape 821 is a pink acetate backing with an acrylic adhesive. Scotch® Label Protection Tape 821 is designed to protect labels, allows for easy to read bar codes and helps eliminate barcode errors. Excellent aging and UV resistance. Dispenses and hand tears easily for convenient use.

Family of products designed to protect address labels. Keep your shipping labels clean, legible, and attractive. Helps to ensure packages reach their destination.


  • Easy to hand tear
  • Matte finish of pink tape enables easy reading of bar codes.
  • Protecting, label protection, bar code scanning, bar code reading, protect, holding, bar code tape protection, attaching, labeling and shipping.
  • Surface easy to write on.

Typical Applications: 

  • General industrial, commercial.

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