14pt CC1S High Gloss Folding Board


14pt High Gloss Folding Board

Take your marketing to a whole new level with our 14pt High Gloss Folding Board. Our New 14pt CC1S High Gloss Folding Board is the only digital 14pt High Gloss folding board currently available. This is a great choice for so many applications where a 12pt just is not heavy enough allows for a huge variety of applications. With a mirror glass ultra smooth finish your photos and artwork will Pop right off the sheet.


  • The only Digital 14pt CC1S High Gloss
  • Great for all kinds of Packaging Solutions
  • Mirror Glass Ultra Smooth One side and smooth uncoated side. Great for duplexing applications
  • Great Photo Quality High Gloss
  • Pre-Qualified Products Approved, Certified and Guaranteed by Xerox; Enjoy outstanding color and run-ability on your Xerox Color Production Platforms.
  • Retail Signage and Counter Displays
  • Recyclable

Typical Applications: 

  • Specials Menu
  • Trade Shows
  • Gifting
  • Tent Cards
  • Photo Applications/Memorabilia
  • Corporate Marketing
  • Wedding
  • Greeting Cards||Kitting

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