3M™ Tan Medical Vinyl Tape 1520


3M 1520

3M™ Tan Medical Vinyl Tape 1520 was originally designed for first aid dressings that require excellent conformability. The tan, translucent matte finish provides a liquid barrier, is sealable, and printable. The flexible backing and hypoallergenic adhesive provide for a wide range of medical and retail applications.


  • Hypoallergenic, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive  
  • Highly Conformable  
  • Translucent  
  • Blends Well with a Wide Range of Skin Tones  
  • Latex-Free  
  • Printable ETO & Gamma Compatible

Typical Applications: 

  • First Aid Dressings  
  • Overtaping/Cover tape  
  • Protective Bandaging  
  • Temporary body tattoos

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