3M Spunlaced Polyester Nonwoven Silicone Adhesive Tape 2476P


3M 2476P

3M SC Thermoplastic Elastomer Film Tape 2476P offers unprecedented security, comfort and ease of use. This new skin friendly silicone adhesive offers reliable, strong adhesion that removes cleanly and causes minimal epidermal cell stripping.

We can provide this product in slit rolls or die cut and packaged to your exact specifications.


  • Durable premium 3.5 mil PET spunlaced polyester backing material
  • Hypoallergenic and latex free
  • Good for short and long term wear
  • EtO sterilization compatible
  • Thin, flexible, conformable
  • Silicone adhesive offers gentle constant adhesion with a firm hold
  • Silicone adhesive causes minimal epidermal cell stripping and less pulling of hair

Typical Applications: 

  • Securing medical tubing
  • Placement on sensitive areas
  • Seconday Securement for I.V. and Ostomy appliances
  • Border for gauze dressing
  • Eye tape for surgery

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