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High Temperature Gaskets | Cushioning Products | Mechanical Sealants

Fabrico is a world class supplier of die-cut, high-performance materials used in gaskets, cushions and sealing applications. We inventory hundreds of custom materials can be manufactured into finished parts to meet the most exacting tolerances for mission-critical applications.

Fabrico engineers work closely with our vendor partners to provide the best materials to fit our customer’s needs.  Some of the products include:

  • Gaskets, Cushions, Seals
  • Insulators
  • Filters
  • Absorbers, Wicks
  • Seals, liners
  • Dampeners, sound deadeners
  • Strip Discs

We have also included a list of gasket, cushion and sealant materials available and a brief description of their properties for reference.  Contact Fabrico for more details on these and all of our products.

Adhesives - pressure sensitive adhesive coated film, foam, and specialty materials can be used as temporary or permanent gasket attachment or as the gaskets themselves.

Buna-N - standard Nitrile rubber has excellent resistance to oil, water, alcohol & many acids and bases. Commonly used for sealing devices and O-rings.

Cloth Inserted Rubber - rubber impregnated cloth adds stability for mechanical fastening and reduces gasket creep on heavy load requirements.

Cork - different grades prevent water from penetrating, impermeable, buoyant & fire resistant.

Cork & rubber - compresses like cork but flexible like rubber. Seals, cuts easily, commonly used for narrow flange gaskets.

EPDM - blended rubber of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. has good resistance to severe weather, ozone, UV exposure, chemical resistance & non-oil resistant.

Felt - inexpensive spacer, gap filling, bearing seals and applications where cushioning is needed between rigid structures.

Fish Paper - fibrous, strong insulating paper commonly used in high dielectric strength electrical applications. We offer bent and formed to shape.

Foam - Made from many materials with different densities and open and closed cell structures, closed cell have higher dimensional stability & low moisture absorption vs. open cell.

Garlock - a leading manufacturer of gasket material, fluid sealing solutions, and high-performance application materials.

Graphite - high temperature, high pressure, metal insert material commonly used for high load gaskets.

Kapton® - manufactured by Dupont, high temperature polyimide film with excellent electrical shielding properties. Common uses are insulation for wire, formed coil, flex circuits, motor slot liners, hand held devices, solar panel components.

Lexan - Dupont brand name for polycarbonate plastic used in many applications needed high impact strength, film has excellent electrical properties and dimensional stability.

Mylar - Dupont brand polyester film has good strength, heat resistance and insulating properties.

Neoporene - Synthetic rubber made from Chloroprene used in cushioning applications, orthopedics, wetsuits, electrical insulation, and more.

Nomex - Flame resistant meta-aramid insulation paper used in electrical laminates, circuit boards, etc.

Plastic - general term for synthetic or semi-synthetic organic amorphous solid polymers typically with high molecular mass used in industrial products, gaskets, toys, etc.

Polyethylene - widely used durable, plastic material in films and sheets, low to high density, used for milk jugs, container lining, bags and more.

Polypropylene - a thermoplastic resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids and to repetitive stress, commonly used for lids & caps.

Polyurethane - high resiliency flexible to rigid foam used in gasketing, insulation, seating, wheels, packaging and much more.

PORON® - Rogers' brand microcellular urethane low compression set foam, low to high density, for gasketing, sealing, vibration and sound dampening and energy absorption applications for devices, equipment, automotive and endless other uses.

Rubber - Common types of rubber are EPDM , Neoprene, Viton and Buna used in many gasketing applications.

Shim Stock - used in applications for precision adjustments where critical spacing is needed.

Silicone - polymer with wide-range thermal stability, lubricity, water repellence, and physiological inertness and used in adhesives, lubricants, protective coatings, paints, electrical insulation, synthetic rubber, foam and prosthetic body parts.

Sponge - used for low pressure gaskets and many applications in liquid, gas and oil applications.

Teflon - Dupont brand polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) had extreme low coefficient of friction(COF) to other solids. Used in containers, pipe wrapping, chemical resistant, high temp surface and belting and more.

Velbuna - rubber resistant chemicals, fuel, oil, water, salt solutions and more.

Vinyl - (PVC) or polyvinyl chloride used in pipes, gaskets and more providing water & fluid barriers, etc.

Vinyl Nitrile - (PVN) vinyl/nitrile/neoprene is a closed cell foam used for gaskets & seals in equipment, engine enclosures and more.

Viton - brand of fluoropolymer elastomer, synthetic rubber commonly used in O-rings, shim stock and gasketing applications.

Volara - fine-celled and irradiation cross-linked, has good physical and chemical properties, low water absorption, vapor transmission and excellent thermal insulation. Used in many applications such as smooth padding, freezer, appliances, medical and more.

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  • 3M 4811 

    • Effective for many outdoor applications in hot and cold weather over one year with quick, clean removal.
    • Can be applied from freezing to 120°F (49°C), removed at 0°F (-18°C).
    • May be easily dispensed from a hand dispenser.
    • White polyethylene backing provides good conformability for many irregular surfaces.
    • Blends well with white film covering for a clean, professional and attractive appearance.
  • 3M 9325 

    • Excellent adhesion to many painted metal and plastic surfaces
    • UHMW polyethylene is a thermoplastic that has a unique combination of properties which make it ideal for many tough impact wear or sliding applications
    • UHMW-PE tape will outwear most PTFE tapes in sliding applications
    • Low coefficient of friction characteristics is exceeded only by PTFE
    • UHMW-PE tape can be used where lubrication is not possible because of contamination
  • 3M SJ5616 

    • All 3M™ Bumpon™ Protective Products feature a plasticizer-free, urethane composition which exhibits:
    • Easy application with 3M pressure sensitive adhesives.
    • High skid-resistance.
    • Won't scratch or stain surfaces.
    • Reduces vibration and noise.
    • Will not crack or harden.
  • 3M SJ5808 

    • Long aging resiliency – will not crack or harden (Resulting from a urethane composition which contains no plasticizers)
    • Can be die cut to a variety of shapes and sizes
    • Excellent skid-resistance, high coefficient of friction
    • Excellent resistance to marring or staining (Resulting from a urethane composition which contains no plasticizers)
    • Excellent cushioning properties
    • Excellent abrasion resistance
    • Vibration and shock dampening
    • Easy application – pressure-sensitive backing
  • LF Polyester Foam 

    • Light-weight
    • Flexability
    • Low Thermal Conductivity
    • Mildew Resistance
    • Energy Absorption
    • Easy Fabrication
    • Sound Absorbtion
    • Insulation
  • Rubber/Foam Rubber 

    • Industrial, Automotive
    • Selective placed, zoned PSA
    • Neoprene
    • Silicone
    • EPDM
    • Sponge Rubber
    • Open and closed cell
    • Synthetic Rubber Polymers
    • Cork, Composition, Reground Rubber