Specialty Silicone Products SSP-502-65-032-Composite - NG-1


SSP-502-65-032-Composite - NG-1

Typically, in order to manufacture a highly conductive silicone elastomer, it must be filled with a very high loading level of conductive fillers, such as nickel coated graphite. In many other shielding products, the increased conductive filler loading results in a decrease of the rubber and sealing properties of the final product, in regards to tear, compression and other overall physical properties. SSP-502-65-032-Composite-NG-1 counteracts this by utilizing a nickel coated conductive fabric that increases the product’s physical properties exponentially in both strength and conductivity (shielding effectiveness).


  • Durometer Shore A (58-68 range): 65
  • Tensile psi (Report): 950
  • Elongation % (Report): 20
  • Tear ‘B” ppi (35 min):  165
  • Specific Gravity (Report): 1.93
  • Volume Resistivity ohm/cm (Report): 0.007 ohm/cm
  • Compression Set % 70hrs 100C (Report):  25
  • Color: Dark Gray
  • Thermal Stability Range:  -550C to 2000C


Most EMI/RFI silicone gaskets are very expensive and standard non-reinforced materials are subject to being torn or damaged in production, installation, or in use.  Additionally, a more important factor than even the cost of the material, is the risk of potential failure of high end electronics due to material breakdown.  If an EMI/RFI gasket tears while in use, the risk of Electromagnetic Interference due to shielding loss is greatly increased. By reinforcing the silicone used in SSP-502-65-032-Composite-NG-1, the chance of tearing is significantly reduced versus more brittle non-reinforced EMI/RFI silicone gaskets.

SSP-502-65-032-Composite-NG-1 can be manufactured in a continuous roll, allowing for fabrication of larger non-bonded gaskets than can be made out of sheet molds that limit the size of the fabricated gaskets.



  • 65 durometer (Shore A) silicone filled with nickel coated graphite particles
  • Elastomer reinforced with an inner layer of conductive fabric
  • Superior strength compared to alternative EMI/RFI shielding and sealing materials
  • Silver like conductivity without silver pricing volatility and cost concerns
  • Produced as a continuous roll up to 15 inches wide

Typical Applications: 

  • Military, Telecom, Automotive, Medical and Electronic Device shielding
  • Moldable format for EMI/RFI gasket fabrication
  • Sheet stock for conversion into shielding gaskets via the most efficient, cost-effective method

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