Isovolta SILGLAS® Varnished Fabric

SILGLAS® consists of alkali free glass cloth, which is impregnated with a special silicon rubber.
It has parallel warp threads to the edges.
SILGLAS® is highly flexible, which keeps the properties over the large temperature range of 55° C to +180° C.

Available in Rolls (max. untrimmed width of 42.5 inches) and in Tapes (from 0.4 inches width upwards).

SILGLAS® should be stored unlimited under normal conditions and temperature.



  • Alkali-Free
  • Highly flexible
  • Withstands high thermal stress

Typical Applications: 

  • Can be used as insulation of electrical machines and transformers which are subjected to high thermal stress.
  • Optimally used in applications where an alternating strain is continuous.
  • Particularly suitable for endwindings and other curved parts.