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Silicone Coated Fabrics

Frequently, requirements for insulation, surface protection, chemical resistance, and thermal management translate into a need for specialty converted coated fabric materials.

Fabrico laminates, slits, and die-cuts coated fabric products for these types of applications with good, clean edge cuts that prevent unraveling. Coated glass, cotton, and aramid mat material can be laminated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive to offer high temperature resistance with excellent dielectric strength. Fabrics may be laminated with conductive adhesives and then die-cut to address EMI/RFI shielding and structural requirements.

Coated fabrics used by Fabrico include:

  • DuPont AFS: Nomex spunlace
  • Isovolta: coated cloth, coated glass fabrics
  • Saint-Gobain: silicone-coated fabrics
  • VonRoll: coated aramid mat, varnished cambric, varnished glass cloth

Fabrico offers a wide range of product design and engineering capabilities and a variety of custom fabrication services, including custom die-cutting and rotary die-cutting. For more information on Fabrico’s capabilities, please visit our services and materials page.

For more information on our materials options, please download our Materials Sheet or contact us today!

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