3M™ Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Foam Tape 5605


3M 5605

3M™ Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Foam Tape 5605 is a 1.14mm (0.045 in) thick, gray, double-coated acrylic foam tape designed for the primerless attachment of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and polypropylene (PP) injection molded trim parts to the exteriors of vehicles. This product does not have a printed liner.


  • The key feature of 3M AFT 5605 is TX-1 adhesive on the non-liner side of the tape.
  • TX-1 is designed to bond to low surface energy plastics such as TPO and PP without the use of an adhesion promoter.
  • 3M AFT 5605 has AR-7 adhesive on the liner side of the tape for bonding to automotive paint surfaces.

Typical Applications: 

  • Body Side Moldings
  • Roof Ditch Moldings
  • Appliquйs
  • Wheel Flares

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