3M™ Motor Lead Connections-Inline


3M 5314

Each kit makes three splices. Lugs not included in kits. Feeder of 250-500 kcmil (150-240 sq mm), motor lead 4/0 AWG-500 kcmil (120-240 sq mm). These kits are designed to be used with copper compression, one- or two-hole lugs. After being crimped onto the cables, the lugs are bolted together in an inline configuration, then insulated and sealed with the 3M Motor Lead Splicing Kit. Each kit contains all the necessary materials (except lugs) needed to make three splices. The lugs must be purchased separately. 3M™ Scotchlok™ 30000 Series copper compression lugs, or other UL listed copper lugs, can be used.

3M™ motor lead pigtail connections and inline splices are designed to splice 1000 V or less, non-shielded feeder and motor lead cable. The splices are made with a slip-on lug cover made of EPDM rubber. Each kit makes three splices and is designed exclusively for the abrasion, moisture, grime and temperature extremes of the industrial environment. 3M™ motor lead connections meet requirements for CSA certification and NRTL certification.


  • Fast and simple installation
  • No torches or heat source required
  • No special tools required to install splice
  • Thick walls to resist puncture and abrasion damage
  • High Dielectric constant stress control included with 5/8 kV kits for shielded feeder cables, for minimizing size and electrical stress
  • Easy re-entry

Typical Applications: 

  • 3M™ Motor Lead Splicing Kits 5300 Series can be used on cables with a rated operating temperature of 90°C and an emergency overload rating of 130°C  
  • Splicing kits 5300 through 5314 are rated for 1000 Volts, and kits 5316 through 5334 are rated for 5/8 kV

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