Solar Acrylic Foam Tape 2110


3M 2110

3M™ Solar Acrylic Foam Tape 2110 features a general purpose adhesive on both sides of a firm, dark grey foam carrier. Typically used on various substrates, this tape has the added feature of high temperature resistance, making it often suitable for bonding prior to high temperature paint processing.


  • Thickness - Inches (mm) 0.045 (1.1)
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive for quick application with immediate handling strength to speed assembly.
  • Strength to replace liquid adhesives and mechanical fasteners in many applications.
  • Neat application without the mess, ooze, and curing delay of liquid adhesives.
  • Can typically tolerate differential movement in the shear plane up to 3 times its thickness.
  • Bonds and seals simultaneously with durability to withstand vibration, impact, and weathering.
  • Provides a clean, smooth appearance.

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