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Electrical Insulation Converting for Optimum Solar Inverter Performance

According to an industry report, 59% of all unexpected solar installation maintenance costs were due to solar inverter failure. As the industry aims for increased overall reliability, especially in light of bank and customer demand for 25 year warranties, inverter performance, durability, and reliability are top concerns.

There are three key areas where identifying and using the right materials can positively impact inverter performance:

  • Electrical insulation
  • Thermal management
  • EMC/EMI shielding

Fabrico provides electrical insulation materials including electrical grade papers, films, coated cloths, laminates, and tapes for:

  • Core insulation
  • Barrier insulation
  • Layer insulation
  • Magnet wire insulation
  • Lead pads
  • Phase separators

Engineered thermal transfer materials offer high thermal conductivity and low thermal impedance and can be die-cut to complex shapes. Coupled with traditional heat sinks, these materials help keep PV inverters cool despite internal and external heat.

New materials are available for EMC/EMI shielding for inverters. As solar inverters reach higher efficiencies, high voltage and fast-rising voltage spikes can have unintended EMI side-effects. Fabrico can provide high performance materials, including: foil tapes, metal-filled elastomers, and wire mesh.

In addition to material and adhesive selection, Fabrico offers a fully-equipped test lab to ensure that materials meet specifications.