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Renewable Energy

Engineering and Flexible Materials Supporting Solar / Photovoltaic Manufacturers

Fabrico provides key processes, engineering skills, and solar manufacturing materials to numerous manufacturers in the rapidly expanding Solar Photovoltaic market. Fabrico draws from its extensive solar photovoltaic materials expertise to design more cost-effective manufacturing methods. Utilizing its deep vendor base and sophisticated in-house engineering and flexible materials converting equipment, Fabrico provides the emerging solar market with all the support required for bold, long-lasting product solutions.

Fabrico has expertise in custom converting solar thin film materials and solar rigid silicon materials, such as protective films or blackout materials, bus bars, edge seal tapes, back sheet laminates, and high strength foam tapes. Fabrico also offers cutting edge technology in solar concentrator application materials, including edge seal tape, thermal transfer material, and high strength foam tape.

Fabrico combines engineering know-how with its solid materials expertise to offer turn-key custom fabrication solutions for many solar manufacturers, eliminating costly hand assembly operations and improving process flow. Fabrico analyzes a company’s operations and suggest alternate materials and processes that drive time and cost out of multi-step assembly processes. With the advantages of such turn-key solutions, solar companies can focus on their own technical expertise and growth.

In addition to our expertise in solar power, Fabrico has experience in numerous applications related to alternate energy and power generation including wind power, hydroelectric, fuel cell, and nuclear. Our flexible materials converting and adhesives expertise address EMI/RFI shielding, thermal management and heat dissipation, electrical insulation, gasketing, taping and sealing, and more.

Our laminatingslitting, and die-cutting services are complemented by our ability to recommend the right liquid or film adhesive for your application. We also provide kitting to help make your manufacturing process more efficient.

Rigid Silicon 

Fabrico performs custom converting of rigid silicon, critical to solar panel manufacturing.

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Thin Film 

Fabrico works with thin film panel manufacturers on bus bars and bus bar materials, edge seals, and back sheet laminates.

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Whether you are building sealed lead acid (SLA), nickel cadmium, nickel hydride, nickel iron, zinc-air, or lithium iron batteries, Fabrico provides what you need.

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Concentrator Technology 

For concentrator technologies, Fabrico can convert materials such as high-strength acrylic foam tape to exact dimensions for edge sealing, thermal insulating materials, and thermal transfer materials for heat sinks between the optics unit and the solar cell.

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Fabrico knows the three key areas where identifying and using the right materials can positively impact inverter performance.

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