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Electrical Equipment

Custom Fabricated Electrical Insulation for Motor & Transformer Applications

Fabrico is the leader in quality fabricated electrical insulation material for motors, transformers, and other electrical equipment. The company offers full product lines from market leaders like DuPont, 3M, ITW Formex, and Von Roll. Materials are converted using a variety of in-line processes, including slitting, sheeting, cut-to-length, die-cutting, edge taping, traverse winding, heat forming, cuffing, and printing.

End products such as die-cut electrically conductive adhesives, electrical tape, and electric motor insulation material, are designed and manufactured to meet a variety of material specifications, including dielectric strength, temperature resistance, electrical insulation, and durability against tearing and puncturing during the assembly process.

Applications in electric motors include:

  • Slot liners
  • Slot separators
  • Phase separators
  • Wedges

Applications in transformers include:

  • Core insulation
  • Lead pads
  • Layer insulation
  • Barrier insulation
  • Magnet wire insulation
  • Pressure-sensitive tapes

For more information on electric motors or transformers, download one of our Market Sheets, or contact us directly.