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Bonding, Joining & Sealing

More Effective Flexible Alternatives to Metal Fasteners

With more than 30 years of design and manufacturing engineering expertise in materials-based product assembly technology, Fabrico offers our customers a variety of bonding, joining, and sealing capabilities. Fabrico has expertise in die-cut adhesives, adhesive masking materials, adhesive laminating, adhesive backed materials, adhesive foam tape, converted adhesive film, pressure-sensitive materials, and more. Our experts in product engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain logistics assess a customer’s application needs; then, using a product development team, an impressive supplier and partner network, and fully-equipped prototyping and manufacturing facilities, we provide the best possible assembly solution for their application.

Through engineered materials and packaged adhesives, Fabrico offers its customers more effective and flexible alternatives to metal fasteners that enhance product design, performance, and economy. Assembly solutions incorporate product engineeringdie-cut adhesives, and contract assembly services.

We have applications experience with low surface energy plastics and the latest bonding techniques including adhesive tapes, adhesives for harsh environments, high-strength adhesives, and adhesive use on large surface areas.

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