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Converting Services for a Wide Range of Applications

Fabrico’s converting capabilities allow us to die-cut, slit, and laminate materials and adhesives for electrical insulation, thermal management, heat dissipation, EMC/EMI/RFI shielding, and structural applications. We are able to apply our materials and expertise to a wide range of bonding, joining, and sealing applications, including low surface energy plastics, large surface area bonding, high-strength bonding, and foam and foam tape use.

For example, design engineers working with new “non-stick” plastics often require help in selecting an adhesive that can bond with these low surface energy plastics. Fabrico has the expertise to identify adhesives that will work with the substrate and provide the converting capabilities to produce a solution to fit the application. In harsh environments, for example in an alternate energy application, where exposure to the elements and UV rays can affect adhesive performance, Fabrico can source a bonding solution that can stand the test of time and cost-effectively replace mechanical fasteners.



The complexity and power of these batteries require that an OEM or contract manufacturer work with a knowledgeable materials expert, like Fabrico.

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Bonding, Joining & Sealing 

Fabrico offers our customers a variety of bonding, joining, and sealing options due to our expertise in die-cut adhesives, adhesive masking materials, adhesive laminating, adhesive backed materials, adhesive foam tape, converted adhesive film, pressure-sensitive materials, and more.

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Electrical Insulation 

Fabrico offers a range of materials characteristics suitable for electrical applications, including many that can be used as cost-effective replacements for a variety of electrical papers, thermoplastic materials, and injection molded parts.

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EMI / RFI Shielding 

Fabrico offers a wide range of EMI shielding converted materials and RFI shielding converted materials, die-cut into shapes or laminated to other products to meet the requirements of the application.

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Fabrico designs and converts materials to make gaskets as critical elements in many applications in a wide range of industries.

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Proper thermal management in designing modules for LEDs, whether on a circuit board or within an enclosure, is accomplished through Fabrico's assessment of materials and methods for dissipating heat.

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Fabrico engineers understand the masking needs of various industries, and offer a broad range of materials to address these requirements.

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Custom Surface Protection Films and Tapes 

To protect finished products during packing and shipping, Fabrico converts films using rotary die-cutting, custom die-cutting, and precision slitting for a variety of materials.

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Thermal Management 

Fabrico helps customers identify the thermally conductive adhesive solutions that will best work with their materials and application, and we stock numerous thermally conductive materials, which are electrically conductive or electrically isolating.

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Vibration and Sound Damping Foam, Tape, and Materials 

Fabrico provides vibration dampening tape and vibration dampening foam, from world class suppliers, which help to protect surfaces from marring, staining, and abrasion.

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VHB Tape Fabrication for Plastic Injection Molds 

We fabricate 3M™ VHB™/automotive acrylic foam tapes used in a variety of applications and industries. Our engineers use die cutting and laser cutting techniques, allowing for precision cuts to fit any shape, size, or profile while minimizing assembly time. These tapes perform with extremely high strength and continually prove to be a superior choice in the plastic injection molding process.

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