Markets & Applications

Fabrico designs and manufactures components and sub-assemblies using flexible materials for industries as diverse as electronics, medical military/aerospace, renewable energy/solar, transportation/automotive, electrical equipment, power generation, and more. We provide materials, adhesives, and advanced assembly capabilities to meet the most challenging applications.

The company’s applications experience in these industries includes bonding, electrical insulation, EMI/RFI shielding, vibration dampening, masking, and many others. Fabrico offers a wide range of product design and engineering capabilities including custom die cutting, rotary die cutting, and a variety of custom fabrication services. For more information on Fabrico’s capabilities, please visit our services page and view our materials sheet.

Our adhesives expertise covers a broad range of applications. For example, in transportation and military markets, die-cut adhesives offer lightweight, high-strength alternatives to metal fasteners. Solar panels use thin film adhesives to mount PV cells to glass, and very high bond foam tapes to attach junction boxes to assembled PV panels. For medical converting, Fabrico’s clean room facilities ensure compliance with medical device manufacturing standards.

A complete test lab ensures that incoming materials meet or exceed spec, and that manufactured products meet performance criteria established by the customer, application, and market.


Markets Served 

Fabrico’s unique combination of materials-based assembly solutions, converting expertise, and adhesives knowledge allows the company to deliver innovative solutions across our broad range of target markets.

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Fabrico applies material expertise to a wide range of bonding, joining, and sealing applications.

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