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Release Liners

Fabrico offers release liners that are compatible with a variety of adhesive systems, including rubber, acrylic, and silicone. Fabrico’s engineering design team carefully selects liner materials to provide the optimum release characteristics required by the adhesive backing for slit and custom die cut materials. Non-adhesive parts require low-tack adhesive liners that are compatible with the intended speed and accuracy requirements of the manufacturing process.

Release liners are made from films and papers of various thicknesses and degrees of rigidity.

Liners used by Fabrico include:
• Easy- or medium-release
• One- or two-side release

Brands include 3M™ and Rayven.

Fabrico offers a wide range of product design and engineering capabilities and a variety of custom fabrication services, such as custom die cutting and rotary die cutting. For more information on Fabrico’s capabilities, please visit our services and materials page.

For more information on our materials options, please download our Materials Sheet.

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