Flexible Materials

Fabrico offers a wide range of flexible materials and adhesives for converting, laminating, and slitting for applications in electrical, electronics, medical, military/aerospace, power conversion, renewable energy, and transportation. A large network of world-class suppliers allows us to procure the exact material our customers' applications require.

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Working with our Advanced Assembly team, customers can explore alternate design options, materials and adhesive before investing in manufacturing. The result is a better design and final product.
Materials can include:

Fabrico is a recognized leader in cost-effective product design and engineering, as well as custom converting and custom fabrication services for flexible materials.
For more information on our materials options, please download our Materials Sheet.


anti-slip boots of person walking

Anti-Slip / Anti-Skid 

Fabrico offers a full range of functional, slip-resistant materials designed for the safety of people in the workplace.

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bonding and attaching tapes and adhesives on table

Bonding / Attaching 

Fabrico converts a wide selection of tapes and adhesive systems used for bonding and attachment. In addition, our extensive fabrication capabilities and experience also allow us to manufacture these products to the most exacting specifications.

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close up of orange and purple fabric materials

Coated Fabrics 

Frequently, requirements for insulation, surface protection, chemical resistance, and thermal management translate into a need for specialty converted coated fabric materials.

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materials for EMC/EMI/RFI shielding on table

EMC/EMI/RFI Shielding 

Fabrico provides expertise in materials selection and die-cutting for EMC/EMI/RFI shielding applications in electronics, including consumer electronics. These materials can be die-cut into components to protect sensitive electronics from internal emissions or to protect users from external device emissions.

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yellow, black and transparent films

Films & Paper 

Fabrico assists our customers in selecting the best films and papers for the intended use. From converted adhesive film to insulating paper, Fabrico relies on our engineering design expertise and sourcing power to fully support our customers’ design engineers.

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gaskets and cushions on table

Gaskets, Cushions & Sealants 

Fabrico is a world class supplier of die-cut, high-performance materials used in gaskets, cushions and sealing applications. We inventory hundreds of custom materials can be manufactured into finished parts to meet the most exacting tolerances for mission-critical applications.

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packaging tape and protection materials on table


Fabrico has many years of experience in slitting and die cutting of masking materials for automotive painting and general industrial applications.

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medical adhesives on table

Medical Adhesives 

Fabrico works with design engineers at a medical manufacturer or contract manufacturer to test and recommend the right adhesive for a substrate and application.

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packaging tape and protection materials on table


Fabrico is able to offer a wide range of materials for use in product packaging. From box sealing to protection materials, Fabrico has a product to meet your packaging needs.

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strips of reclosable fastening systems

Reclosable Fasteners 

Fabrico offers a full line of Reclosable Fastening systems supplied, cut to size, mated, with permanent adhesive backers.

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roll of red and white reflective materials

Reflective & Luminescent 

Fabrico converts Conspicuity and Reflective Markings & Signage for a variety of safety enhancement applications.

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white and purple release liners peeled apart

Release Liners 

Fabrico offers release liners that are compatible with a variety of adhesive systems, including rubber, acrylic, and silicone.

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rolls of removable and repositionable tape on table

Removable / Repositionable 

Removable/Repositionable Tapes are high quality double coated and made for easy application. These products are the ideal material to be used in a situation where repositioning of parts may be needed.

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films and protective tapes on table

Surface Protection 

Fabrico provides films and protective tape solutions for temporary and permanent surface protection. We can provide these materials in rolls or custom die cuts.

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custom cut material and adhesives on table

Thermal Management 

Fabrico has in-depth experience in creating custom solutions for thermal management using materials and adhesives from industry-leading suppliers.

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close up of rolls of brown tape


Fabrico supplies adhesive tapes to support a variety of manufacturing processes, both for bonding and joining, and to mark certain areas for painting and varnishing. Tapes are also used as integral components of certain electrical systems, such as motors and transformers.

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