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Printing on Tape

Proprietary Capabilities for Printing on Tape

Printed tape can be used to hold a cable or component in place, while providing identification, instructions, color coding, or various other types of information.

Fabrico provides proprietary printing on tape capabilities that offer good adhesion and clear printing with backing materials, such as polyester and polyethylene. The materials bond well with printing inks and provide a smooth surface for high print quality.

We select application specific adhesives that provide strong adhesion to the back of the tape, plus good release without removing ink or leaving a residue that obscures the printing.

Fabrico uses a flexographic printing system that prints directly on the printable tapes backing. Water-based or UV inks are used, and a proprietary process prevents the transfer of ink from the backing materials to the attached adhesive as tape is unrolled.

Information can be printed in letter or numeric format in multiple colors. Rolls can be slit to any specifications and provided with tape dispensers, to reduce labor in application.

Fabrico can secure tapes from its extensive supplier network which includes companies such as 3M™, Loctite™, and Adhesives Research™. For a specific project, complete our Request a Quote form, or for answers to your questions, contact us or call, 866-492-8169.

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