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Cut & Stack Labels

High Quality Product Decoration Labels

Fabrico offers a line of product decoration labeling for customers who are looking for a high-quality label for consumer product applications. The cut and stack method is popular for food and beverage containers, health and beauty packaging, and aerosol spray cans. Fabrico’s cut and stack labels are compatible with most high-speed application equipment, making them a cost-efficient solution for any production environment.

Cut and stack labels can be made from a variety of materials using standard or specialty inks to enhance the visual appeal of any product.

In addition to cut and stack labels, Fabrico provides pressure-sensitive and poly roll-to-roll label printing capabilities. Whether applied manually or using automated equipment, Fabrico has the ability to produce an excellent product that will meet any customer’s labeling needs.

Fabrico will assemble and kit the labels in stacks that meet customer specifications for easy integration into any manufacturing process.

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