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Printable materials include both pressure-sensitive and non-pressure-sensitive label varieties, with applications ranging from tamper-evident labels for the medical market to high durability labels for harsh environments.

Custom Labels 

Fabrico helps customers to select the appropriate label for a specific application and/or solves for customized needs.

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Poly Roll-Fed Labels 

Poly roll-fed labels are popular for superior branding and graphics. In addition, as roll-fed products they provide increased production efficiency and cost-savings.

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Cut & Stack Labels 

The cut and stack label method is popular for food and beverage containers, health and beauty packaging, and aerosol spray cans.

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Printing on Tape 

Fabrico provides proprietary printing on tape capabilities that offer good adhesion and clear printing with backing materials, such as polyester and polyethylene.

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Digital Printing Solutions 

Fabrico is a Digital Printing Solution provider for many industry applications. We offer Digital Fold-Ups and Custom Die-Cutting and Converting solutions. Additional converting services offered for the Digital Printing industry: Die Cutting, Sheeting, Slitting, Island Placement, Pattern Adhesive, and more custom solutions.

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