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Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Technology for Intricate & Challenging Cutting Applications

Fabrico’s waterjet cutting services are ideal for intricate designs that require a high level of repeatable accuracy. The waterjet cutter uses a digital interface that minimizes set-up time and costs for both short- and long-run production. The waterjet cutter is easy to use and offers repeatability of +/- 0.001” and an accuracy of +/- 0.005”. Click here to learn more about the specifications the waterjet cutter supports.

With the use of water, there is little to no adverse mechanical or thermal influence on the materials. The use of water also means there are no blades that need to be sharpened, reducing maintenance and set-up costs. Fabrico’s waterjet cutter is ideal for even the most challenging cutting processes, including soft rubber and foam fabrication, which are difficult to cut with conventional equipment. Learn more about the materials Fabrico can custom convert using waterjet technology.

Fabrico offers a wide variety of other custom fabrication capabilities, including custom die-cuttinglaminating, and printing. For more information on our capabilities, please view the Process Sheets in our Resource Library.