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Rewinding and Spooling For Long Length Material Rolls

Fabrico provides extremely long length rolls of tape or other materials by:

  • Traverse winding or level winding
  • Dry edge spooling
  • Pyramid winding
  • We can slit and wind on any core size or spool type
  • Multi-head tensionless spooling
  • Ability to add extended or additional liner to acrylic foam tape or free flow tapes
  • We level wind 3M VHB, protective film, tapes, films, foils and more
  • We convert your supplied material or we will order material for you and provide finished spools at any custom width or length desired

Benefits of Spooling:

  • Lower your operating costs and increase production with long length rolls
  • Increase your profitability by lowering scrap and not stopping your production line
  • For example, 36 yard rolls of some thin materials can be supplied 11,000 yards or 300 TIMES LONGER on 1 roll

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