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Fabrico provides precision slitting, die-cutting, rewinding, waterjet cutting, ultrasonic welding, creasing/cuffing, and custom converting capabilities including multiple material laminating and precision laser cutting.

Laser Cutting 

Fabrico’s advanced laser system accurately cuts very small features and intricate designs on a broad range of flexible materials.

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Fabrico provides precision slitting and rewinding capabilities for flexible material from 0.1875” to 78” wide and from 0.00048” to 0.093” thick. Typical core sizes are 1.5”, 3”, 4”, and 6” ID. Razor, shear, bologna, lathe, and crush slitting are available, as well as variable differential and surface rewind capabilities.

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Fabrico offers an extensive array of custom and precision die-cutting capabilities, including high-speed punch presses, flatbed presses, servo driven rotary die-cutting, and CNC die-cutting, as well as rapid prototyping services and a short-run cutter.

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Waterjet Cutting 

Fabrico provides waterjet cutting for custom fabrication and precision cutting of a variety of materials, from foams to durable sheet stock. Waterjet cutting is particularly beneficial for intricate profiles, to avoid edge degradation of delicate materials, and for thermally-sensitive materials (or as a substitute for laser cutting).

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Ultrasonic Welding 

This process provides an alternative to adhesives for joining plastic to plastic and plastic to metal. High-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations cause local melting in thermoplastics as the vibrations are absorbed.

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Creasing / Cuffing 

Fabrico provides automated processes for close-tolerance finishing of supplied parts, such as creasing and cuffing (channeling). This saves our customers time-consuming manufacturing steps, and enhances final product form/fit.

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Fabrico provides precision rewind capabilities for our customers’ requirements. We are capable of rewinding or unwinding on ¾”, 1”, 1 ½”, 3”, and 6” cores.

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Fabrico recommends the optimum laminating material and lamination services to our clients, thus helping to improve product performance while lowering material costs.

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