Adhesives and Tapes for Bonding, Sealing, Mounting

  • Transfer Adhesive, Double Coated Tapes & Double Coated Foam Tapes for your Bonding, Sealing, and Mounting Applications

    At Fabrico, we specialize in customizing tape products to fit our customers' unique project needs.  These customizations include:

    • Non-standard widths & narrow slit rolls of VHBs, transfers & all tapes as narrow as .030" wide.
    • Cut-to-length strips with extended liners or perforated pieces (like paper toweling) to ease usage applications.
    • Traverse wound and spool wound put ups for fewer roll changes or long length pancake rolls of PSA.
    • We laminate PSA onto any material up to 80" wide using any transfer or double coated product so any material can be made pressure sensitive.
    • Pattern coated or zone laminated rolls of tape with a dry edge so release liner is easily removed.
    • PSA strips with extended liners (& 2 linered products) for kits and ease of application products.
    • Silicone adhesives and silicone foam tape custom slit and laminated to any substrate, to achieve pattern coating if needed.
    • High temperature bonding, polyimide materials  

    Get your custom solution started now. Contact Fabrico to see how we can help with your tansfer adhesive and double coated tape needs.