3M Thermal Management

Converting Thermal Management Materials

Fabrico converts a wide variety of thermal management materials for the dispersion of heat in temperature-sensitive devices. Thermal management materials help transfer heat away from components into heat sinks or the ambient environment, or spread excessive heat in one area across the surface of an assembly where it can be further dissipated. Applications include LEDs, electronics assembly and packaging, hand-held scanners, and wireless devices in Medical Device, Automotive, and Aerospace.

Fabrico teams up with device engineers early in the design stage to determine the proper material(s) and process necessary to fully manage the thermal challenge. For example, lamination with other materials is frequently required for structural and electrical insulation purposes, or to provide a multi-purpose thermal and moisture management layer. Materials can also be custom die-cut to fit the design footprint.

Fabrico also specializes in creating retrofit solutions for thermal management needs that become evident once the device is in the production process.

Fabrico and EIS stock numerous thermal management materials from 3M such as: Boron Nitride, Heat Spreading Materials, Thermally Conductive Adhesives, Thermally Conductive Greases, Thermally Conductive Interface Pads, Thermally Conductive Interface Tapes, and Specialty Glass. 

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