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Polyolefin - Smudge-Proof White - Thermal Transfer 7291

Data Sheets & Summary Sheets
  • 3M 7291

    3.7 mil smudgeproof white Kimdura facestock with 0.9 mil acrylic adhesive AP-360 on a 55 lb densified kraft liner

    Good for general purpose applications. Smudge-proof topcoat can be dot matrix, thermal transfer and ion deposition printed. UL recognized and CSA approved.

    Liner 1: 3.2 mil 50# Densified Kraft Adhesive 1: 0.9 mil Permanent Acrylic Facestock/Liner: 3.7 mil White Kimdura TC

    We slit in rolls or die-cut to your exact specifications.


    • Multi-ply biaxially-oriented white polypropylene facestock has a consistent caliper to help prevent registration problems on press.
    • Smudgeproof Kimdura® is top coated for dot matrix, thermal transfer, and deposition.
    • Polypropylene-based facestock has no plasticizers, so it resists shrinkage. Good weatherability and solvent resistance.
    • Permanent acrylic adhesive offers high initial tack and is designed for use on a wide variety of substrates including low surface energy (LSE) plastics.
    • Film stiffness is well suited for high-speed dispensing.

    Typical Applications: 

    • Ideal as a substitute for vinyl labels on rigid or semi-rigid containers.
    • Drum labels.