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3M™ Flame Barrier FRB Series

Data Sheets & Summary Sheets
  • 3M FRB Series

    3M™ Flame Barrier FRB Series is thin flexible insulation made primarily of inorganic materials for electrical insulating in L.E.D. applications.

    FRB barrier is intended for applications as either an electrical flame barrier in electrical equipment or as part of a polymeric enclosure for electrical equipment. The target barrier applications include: general purpose lighting luminaires (including LED type), electric and electric hybrid vehicles (e.g. between batteries, battery charger, DC-DC converter, etc.), appliances (e.g. vacuum cleaner, crock pot, rice cooker, etc.) and electrical devices (e.g. timers, actuators, switches, etc.).

    We custom laser cut or die-cut to this material to your exact specifications. To place an order or learn more about this LED insulation product contact us!


    • Very high flammability resistance, 5VA, 5VB (5x more than V-0, V-1, V-2)
    • High ignitability resistance, meets key industry safety std UL8750, UL 746C
    • Excellent arc and track resistance
    • Good dielectric strength
    • Good convertibility

    Typical Applications: 

    • General purpose lighting luminaires (including LED type)
    • Battery housing barrier (including electric and hybrid vehicles)
    • Appliance enclosure or insulation of live parts (e.g., timers, actuators, switches)
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