Fabrico can work with a design engineer at a medical manufacturer or contract manufacturer to test and recommend the right adhesive for a substrate and application.

Fabrico is knowledgeable on adhesives for stick-to-skin applications, where skin-friendliness is a key factor, to industrial strength adhesives for joining components in diagnostic equipment.

Fabrico serves the medical market, producing transdermal delivery systems for cosmeceutical patches, nutraceutical patches, aromatherapy patches, and medical patches


Fabrico offers the most popular cosmeceuticals, which include teeth whiteners, lip protection, skincare (especially anti-aging products), and scarless wound healing or anti-scarring treatments.

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Device and Equipment

As medical devices and equipment become smaller and more complex, Fabrico’s materials and adhesives expertise can be applied to applications in a variety of diagnostic equipment.

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Low Trauma

Fabrico knows how critical it is to match the right materials and adhesives to the application for adequate adhesion during attachment and low mechanical trauma during removal.

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Working with customers to help bridge the gap from device design to packaging that meets market placement and needs, Fabrico works with standard and custom medical package designs,

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Fabrico can work with engineers designing nonwoven applications to select and test the nonwoven material, select and test an appropriate adhesive, and ensure that the design meets manufacturing requirements.

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Stick-to-Skin Applications

With access to a broad range of adhesive suppliers, Fabrico can help design engineers working on applications for wound dressings, ostomy appliances, bandages, and surgical drapes.

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