Structural Adhesives for Harsh Environments

Engineered liquid adhesives and pressure-sensitive foam tapes, and adhesive transfer tapes maintain their strength and flexibility while distributing stress, accommodating flex and vibration, separating potentially reactive materials, and forming seals that conform to joints and protect them from corrosion.

Important variables in harsh environments include temperature, water, strong solvents or chemicals. New formulations of liquid adhesives deliver strong tough and reliable bonds on metals, plastics, composites, polyolefins, and other substrates. They are available in fast-cure, easily dispensed formulations with superior moisture resistance, excellent hot strength, and chemical resistance. Fabrico can help you select the appropriate liquid adhesive for construction, specialty vehicles, furniture, appliances, signage, tubs and spas, and other applications.

Thin bonding systems such as pressure-sensitive acrylic foam tape and adhesive transfer tape offer high holding strength, excellent resistance to harsh environments, and bi-metallic corrosion prevention. They bond instantly eliminating the need for fixtures and long cure times and with their viscoelasticity, absorb shock and flexing and improve fatigue resistance which may be caused by environmental factors. These tape systems can be used on aircraft exteriors, ambulance panels, curtain wall construction, the interior of automobiles, on boats, personal electronic devices, medical equipment, and solar panels.

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Structural Adhesives for Harsh Environments

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